Today i will try to write the guide i wish i had had when i arrived here. If you read me it is also easy to assume that you come to Thailand not only to visit the beaches, temples and eat spicy food, but also to have fun and have sex with attractive young thai girls. I try to put some order in the choice you can have among the places to meet some thai girls in pay-for-play mode so that everyone can choose his of preferred approach or the place where he is most comfortable. You can always book one of our high-profile girls.

Beer Bars

Beer bars are probably the first approach of many newcomers and certainly also one of the most popular among those who are already familiar with the situation for those who want to meet local girls devoted to the world's oldest profession. In fact, beer bars do not even seem to be actually red-light establishments even though the girls are obviously all prostitutes (except usually waitresses). What they generally open up about beer bars is just such a relaxed atmosphere and easy approach where you don't actually need to commit to anything. By the way you could just sit there, admire the scene around you and drink your beer. You sit down at the bar and order a drink. If you like one of the girls in the bar, you can call her and start to chat with her and invite her to have a drink with you buying her one (lady drink). You can watch some live sporting event on TV (these bars often have montaged screens on sports channels), play pool game with her or just chat with the girl. Girls who work in beer bars generally are the ones a little more inclined for the GFE (girlfriend experience) because they don't look like typical escorts. If you like one of these girls you can decide to pay the infamous barfine and take her away with you to your hotel to spend a few hours with her in greater intimacy (read have sex). Of course, it is best to ask the girl before taking her away how much money she would like to have to enjoy her private company.

GO GO Bars

The dark, sinful charm with which these places are cloaked is unquestionable; for first-timers, they almost feel as if they have stepped into a scene from some movie, and they may indeed have. It is actually very similar compared to the beer bars I just described above. You will be escorted to your seat by a waitress and you can order something to drink and then look at the girls dance on stage. Not all bars have naked girls, in fact upon closer inspection very few offer this interesting viewpoint, most of the girls actually wear bikinis or other skimpy sexy outfits. You can offer ladydrinks to girls and even take them out for sex in your hotel. If you accept a girl to sit next to you it is a must that you buy her a drink, otherwise she will leave of her own free will. This ladydrink investment, however, allows you to look very closely at the girl and talk to her to see if it might be really interesting to take her for a few hours or for the whole night (short and long options are offered here as well as in beer bars). Everything is definitely more expensive than in beer bars because the gogo girls are supposed to be more attractive. Expect to pay between 150-180 baht for your beers and 180-220 baht for ladydrinks. The barfine travels between 700 and 1,000 Baht while it is (unfortunately) normal for the girl to ask 3,000 Baht for a short or 5,000 Baht for a long.

Teen Massage

These kinds of massages are the perfect synthesis of those I have just described and the soapy massages I describe below. Let's face it: to call them massages is an understatement these are brothels just a little bit made up as a simil-serious place. If you are looking for a real, well-crafted Thai massage these are not the places to go. If you're looking for an environment that is not overly luxurious and has moderately pretty girls then they are for you. These are generally small stores, and in many from the outside you cannot see inside (which is why they are also called Blind Massage). The outside, however, can be blinkered either by the name or by certain details on the sign or on the door. In all cases you just walk in and an efficient attendant will show you the options available, which can also be many, sometimes far too many. If you are undecided and if you are not handy take my advice: choose the oil massage for 90 or 120 minutes, the basic room with the shower is fine. Forget options like aroma or other stuff. Having then chosen your treatment you are usually either given some kind of catalog with the girls' cards or they show them directly in front of you. If they give you the catalog close it and tell them to let them out. Pick the one you like, maybe follow some of these tips. Once you have made your choice follow the girl into the room and relax....

Soapy Massage

The most discreet place to have sex in Thailand. Soapy massages have long been a favorite place for Thai men to escape from their women back home for a few hours, and more and more foreigners have also become fans of the practice. It is because of the presence of these, often very large, massage centers that Bangkok has been considered one of the sex capitals of the world for decades! How it works: you enter the building for free and sit somewhere in the lobby (usually you will find comfortable couches). There will be a big "fishbowl," basically a showroom where all the girls are presented. Sometimes there is glass in front (hence the name fishbowl), but newer places don't have that anymore, so you can also see the girls better. They are usually divided into 2 or 3 groups (fishbowl, sideliners and models), each with different prices. The papasan or mamasan comes to you and tells you the prices. Here it is all inclusive of bathing in the tub, a short massage and sex (they also provide condoms). In classic soapy massages, the rooms are also equipped with an inflatable mattress where you will receive the actual treatment for which these places are famous. This mat practice actually is gradually disappearing and usually after the bathing and soaping part you go directly on the bed present in the room. If you do not know which girl to choose you can also order a drink and take your time to look at her and decide better. This is not the rule however but rather the exception: most people come in, choose a girl, pay at the cashier, go to the room with their chosen one, take a bath, have sex, and leave. You should try a soapy massage at least once when you are in Thailand.

Escorts Agencies

In this variegated panorama there is also space for escort agencies that certainly do not represent the cheapest option but probably the least risky as far as performance is concerned and certainly the most convenient having you the possibility to comfortably choose via internet and have the girl "delivered" directly to your hotel room at the time you prefer. An escorts agency offers the possibility to choose from the comfort of your bed the thai escort you like the most and with a simple call or email you can book her for the evening. What is very convenient is the profile present for each girl and you already know beforehand the characteristics both physical and type of performance offered by the girl in question, so get used to the various acronyms such as CIM, BBBJ, DFK, COB, COF, GS, RM, 69. Generally, the thai escorts who provide their services through these agencies are carefully selected and very professional since a series of negative reviews about the girl, or about the agency creates a damage in terms of numbers of clients that is really remarkable. Even in the case of escorts agency apply a modicum of common sense and before choosing one at random take a look around the web. Look for testimonials and reviews of other users posted on other websites and read them to get an idea. Try to find out if the site is carefully designed and not a jumble of images and texts, check and ask for confirmation of the price by e-mail, consider how long it takes for them to respond to you in order to have a few more parameters to understand the level of professionalism of the agency and consequently of the girls. I would also add that a professional agency generally does not send girls to the lowest category hotels nor to too remote and isolated areas of the city so adjust accordingly in this respect as well. You can read another interesting article from our blog Levels Club.

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