Appointment with a Bangkok escort

Let's say you are at the restaurant checking the menu, you'll see that there are a lot of choices. The key is to pick a dish that appeals to your preferences. If you choose our escort agency it's the same story, you have a lot of options between our bangkok escort, the key is of course pick up the right one.

We will be happy to help you in the process, choosing between all the services our thai girls can provide. We respect your time and money, thus we will always give you with the best possible service in Bangkok. You're about to join the exclusive club of high-profile guys who hang out with the most beautiful bangkok escorts. This blog post will serve as the ideal guide for such a situation, Bangkok Golden Escorts understands precisely what you're going through.

Always be clean

Nothing matches the first impression of a well-dressed gentleman. Our thai girls may have spent hours getting ready specifically for you, and it is simply a sign of respect to return the favor. Have a bath, trim your nails, spritz yourself with cologne, and present yourself as the gentleman you are. However, if you're meeting in a street bar, don't overdress and show up in a suit.

Be on time

You should consider the girl could find traffic on the way in a city like Bangkok, nevertheless however your time with her starts when she is your room. Please don't ask for her contact or for free extra time.

Treat her like a princess

Our Bangkok escorts are real people with their private life, you will have very private moments together so treat the girl like your best companion. You can flirt, offer a drink and try to warm up the atmosphere.

Talk with her

Let her know what you prefer to do, what are your preferences, she will be happy to satisfy your kinky perversions. However you should always respect her decision and her limits, don't try to push her to do something she does not like.

Don't be an actor

Don't pretend to be a porn actor, it's not necessary, our escorts are professional and they will understand if you are trying to fake something. Just be yourself, a polite gentlemen that wants to have fun. Live the moment.

End with a big hug

You know our business is not a classic service, we go out of our ways to give you an unforgettable experience, so it's always appreciated to leave a tip, 1$ or 500$ doesn't matter, the gesture matters. Don't hesitate to contact us and check our Bangkok Escorts gallery!

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