Jobs in Bangkok for foreigners

After just one visit to Bangkok, there's a high chance you'll never want to leave. Many tourists come to Bangkok and don't want to leave, whether it's because of the year-round warm weather and sunlight, the fantastic nightlife, the amazing food, or the attractive ladies. Unfortunately, many of these foreigners never get to realize their dream or experience of living in Bangkok since they can't find work in Thailand. However, there are employment available for foreigners in Bangkok; you simply need to know where to search. The following are the most frequent careers accessible to foreigners looking to live and work in Bangkok:

English teacher

Teaching is the most popular and available employment for foreigners desiring to live and work in Thailand. Throughout the year, there are literally hundreds of teaching opportunities available for foreign nationals, the most majority of which will be in teaching English. To acquire a job teaching in Bangkok, you must have prior teaching experience or a teaching credential. If you don't have either, don't worry; there are a variety of intensive TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) courses that last about a month and not only offer you with a recognized certificate but also your first hours of teaching. Bangkok itself offers various TEFL schools for foreigners where you may study to be a teacher and work in a classroom. The disadvantage of teaching is that the initial salary is modest. Most new foreigner instructors in Bangkok earn approximately 30,000 baht ($1000) per month, and while this is significantly better than the average Thai pay, many Westerners struggle to make ends meet on such a low wage. However, as you get more experience, higher-paying teaching opportunities become available.

Work in the hospitality industry

If you have any skills, credentials, and/or experience in the hospitality business, hotel work is your best shot for obtaining a career in Bangkok, and it is the second most popular expat profession after teaching. Hotels and resorts are big business in Bangkok, as well as other important Thai cities like Koh Samui, Phuket, and Pattaya. Most international hotels, and even some large Thai hotels, welcome an experienced international manager, and many other hotel professions, such as cooks, guest relations employees, and even musicians and entertainers, are available to foreign nationals.

Digital nomad/ Work online

While there are many technically bright young Thais, if you are a programmer or designer, there are still many organizations wanting to recruit skilled foreigners. Most major organizations, however, would normally hire a Thai for such full-time employment (owing to visa and work permit regulations), but if you have an excellent portfolio and can get it in front of the appropriate people, there is work for you in Bangkok.

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