Levels Club

Levels club, located at Sukhumvit soi 11, claims to be the number one nightclub in the Sukhumvit area, but let’s take a closer look and find out for ourselves.You can invite one of the Bangkok Golden Escorts to hang out with you in this club

Levels is a super-premium nightlife attraction, and as such you will need to be dressed for the occasion, you will be turned away if you’re wearing a Hawaiian shirt and sandals, and quite rightly so. The security staff seem to apply the dress code at their whim, so to make sure that you don’t encounter any issues, make it smart with proper shoes and a shirt.

All taxi drivers will know the location of this exclusive venue, so getting there will be easy, in fact if you’re staying at a hotel on lower Sukhumvit it would almost certainly be just as easy to walk.

When you arrive, you will see the towering building and entrance to the club itself, it certainly has the appearance of a world-class club that you might find in Europe or the US. Entry to the club is completely free if you arrive before midnight, which is fantastic as many clubs in the area usually charge anything up to 250 Baht. They do have regular drinks promotions, and other nights such as a ladies’ night, so check their website before you go. On Wednesdays, they offer a free bottle of Smirnoff for groups of five or more, and Friday nights they have themed-nights with various styles and ideas, usually involving lots of young girls running around in bikinis.

When you arrive at the club, the first thing you will notice is that it is split up into three distinct and different party zones, offering different music and atmosphere in each. There is a lounge area, a terrace and a nightclub, so you can choose the area that suits your mood best. They also have a sophisticated lighting system which uses neon lights to create a mood that suits the modern music perfectly.

In addition, they have the more usual booths lining the wall where you and your friends can party together, this being a more common sight in Thai nightclubs these days. However, they still have plenty of space to dance and mingle with others, more in the style of an international nightclub.

The flip side to the free entry is that the drinks prices are a little steep, with beers around 250 Baht and cocktails going from around 300 Baht. This eliminates a certain clientele, so you will find mostly well-dressed Europeans, and the place is usually overflowing with glamorous hi-so Thai girls. Thrown into the mix is a spattering of Asian tourists and local Thai girls, luckily you won’t find many of the backpacker types in here.

The good news is that most of the girls here are “available”, and if you get table service by ordering a bottle of whisky with mixers, you will be fighting them off. Usually this would cost you around 3000 Baht plus a tip, but you’ll be set for the night and you can take away any that you don’t finish. The staff seem to expect tips when ordering bottle service, and 200 Baht seems to be around the correct amount. Also, if you are intent on taking your new friend(s) back to your hotel room, the going rate for her in here is about 5000 Baht, with no bar fine. Just remember to take your time and not take the first girl you meet!

So, Levels nightclub is an interesting mix of an open-air cocktail bar, a thumping nightclub, and a chilled-out lounge club, located right in the heart of lower Sukhumvit. It is an excellent place to spend an evening with one of our beautiful models…. You can read more interesting articles about Sex in Thailand and Feel the essence of adult entertainment with a Bangkok Escort.

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