How to recognize a ladyboy

The question of whether any of our girls are Thai ladyboys comes up frequently in messages from customers. First and foremost, none of our girls are (or have ever been) ladyboys. Only female escorts are available at Bangkok Golden Escorts. Since it can be difficult to distinguish between ladyboys and real girls in Thailand, we thought we'd write a short article to assist some of you.


Studying the figure of the girl in front of you is the best way to determine whether she is a lady or a ladyboy. Is she tall? The average height of a Thai female is roughly 157 cm, and there aren't many girls that are taller than 170 cm. This makes Thai girls typically shorter than western girls. Ladyboys, on the other hand, are often taller and frequently seen wearing high heels! Does she has silicone implants? Although many Bangkok ladyboys are recognized for having enormous breasts—implants are among the first procedures a ladyboy would purchase—Thai girls are not well known for their large breasts. While more Thai females are getting breast implants these days, huge silicon breasts are always a red flag, especially if the girl is eager for you to squeeze her! Hands and feet size I can recommend to look at the size of their feet. While surgery can alter most of a ladyboy’s features, they cannot cheat on their feet or their hands that usually are huge.

Her behavior and manners

The voice of the majority of ladyboys will either sound masculine or excessively high. While some ladyboys strive to train their voice to be considerably higher, others just let their voice be naturally deep, the effect can sometimes sound weird. In everyday discussion, Thai women are often known to be relatively quiet and discrete (unless they are furious, of course! ), whereas ladyboys are typically quite active and use a lot of hand gestures. If she's walking, pay attention to how she moves. Is it a little exaggerated? She appears to be on a catwalk?
Simply ask if you're still unsure whether this is a woman or ladyboy. However, take note that although some actual girls would see being asked whether they are a ladyboy as a compliment, others may not. You can read another interesting article about Exotic Massage Therapies.

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