Thai Women : what you should know before meeting them

Thai women can be amazing partners – but there are some things you need to know before dating them. In this blog post, we will discuss the typical behaviour of Thai women and Bangkok escots and how you should behave when meeting them. We will also dispel some myths about Thai women that might be preventing you from dating them. The best option is to meet the girls from Bangkok Golden Escorts.

Thai women are shy

So, let's get started. Thai women are typically very shy and reserved when you first meet them. They may not make eye contact with you or speak much. This is not because they are not interested in you, but because they are not used to being around foreigners. It is important to be patient with Thai women and give them time to warm up to you.

When you meet a Thai woman for the first time, don't go in for a hug or even touch her at all, in fact. Thai women are not used to being touched by men they don't know, and it will make them very uncomfortable. Just give her a smile and say hello. Once you get to know her better, she will be more comfortable around you and may even initiate physical contact herself. If she wais you (the prayer gesture) then you should return it back to her.

This, however, is mostly untrue for Bangkok escorts who’ll certainly be more outgoing than the average Thai woman is. Especially around foreigners.

Thai women are family-oriented

Another thing to keep in mind when dating Thai women is that they are very family-oriented. This means that they place a lot of importance on their families and will often consult with their parents or other family members before making major decisions in their lives. If you're serious about dating a Thai woman, you need to be patient and understand that her family comes first.

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Thai women don't pay

In Western cultures, it is customary for the man to pay for dates, and Thai dating culture isn't much different in this respect. So, if you're taking a Thai woman out on a date, don't expect her to offer to split the bill or even pay for her own meal. It's just not something that Thai women do.

Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule. Some Thai women may offer to pay their own way or even split the bill – but don't count on it. It's always best to be prepared to pay your own way when dating Thai women.

It almost goes without saying that if you’re dating a Bangkok escorts then there’s absolutely no way you would expect them to pitch in for the bill.

Thai women are possessive

Another thing to keep in mind when dating Thai women is that they can be quite possessive. This isn't necessarily a bad thing – it just means that you need to be prepared for it. Thai women may get jealous if they see you talking to other women or even just flirting with them. They may also want to know where you are at all times and who you are with.

If you're not used to this level of possessiveness, it can be a bit overwhelming at first. Just try to be understanding and patient with your Thai partner. Remember, she just wants to make sure that she is the only one in your life.

Of course, if it’s a Bangkok escort that you’re meeting then they’re unlikely to be clingy and will more likely be the opposite and want to get out as soon as you’re done with them.

Thai women are traditional

One last thing to keep in mind when dating Thai women is that they are quite traditional. This means that they expect you to take the lead in the relationship and make all of the major decisions. Thai women also tend to be quite passive and may not be very assertive when it comes to expressing their own needs and desires.

Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule. Some Thai women, especially Bangkok escorts, may be more independent and outspoken than others – but generally speaking, Thai women are quite traditional. If you're looking for a submissive partner who will let you take charge, then a Thai woman might be perfect.

Thai women are sensitive

If you're from a Western background, then you might be accustomed to giving and taking banter and jokes back and forth, but this is generally not the case with Thai women. Thai women are quite shy and reserved when it comes to communication, and they may not understand your jokes or sarcasm. It's best to avoid making any jokes or sarcastic comments until you get to know a Thai woman better.

Sarcasm just doesn't translate well in Thailand and can often backfire on you. The same goes for jokes when you might say something stupid just to be funny, but then you may quickly find yourself caught in an awkward misunderstanding that kills the vibe. That's not to say 'never joke around Thais'—Thais are often seen smiling and laughing—but rather be careful about how you joke around them. It's often best not to make them the subject of the joke but instead find something else that you can both laugh at together.

Bangkok escorts are typically cheekier than the average female Thai office worker, and will often call you things like ‘cheap Charlie’ and ‘ting tong’. They’re just being playful so there’s no need to take it personally. Be careful where you use language like this in public, however, because any normal Thai will immediately know who you’ve been hanging out with.

Thai women can be deceptive

Let's not beat around the bush here, we all know about Bangkok escorts, and the girl you're dating might be one without you realising it. Not all prostitutes wear stilettos, so it may not be obvious unless you've been here long enough to spot the red flags.

One method is to ask for her phone number, search it on Facebook, find her profile and check her photos and check ins. I've caught many this way because they can't resist posting selfies of 5-star hotels in Bangkok, when they already live in Bangkok.

Just because she has a full-time office job doesn't mean she's not doing 'extra work'. Some people might call this racist, I just call it accurate.

Final thoughts

Your experience dating and meeting Thai women and Bangkok escorts will vary greatly depending on their background and education, as with women of many other countries. However, Thailand has an especially large gap between the rich and poor.

Typically, the richer, or 'hi-so', girls are less interested in farang and will only be interested in hi-so Thai men. The stereotype is that farang prefer the poorer, darker Isaan girls to the Western educated, porcelain Thai-Chinese girls in Bangkok.

Whoever you date is up to you but just be aware that Thai women are a diverse bunch and it's only long term experience that will teach you how to truly connect with them in the end. Have fun. You can read more interesting articles about Best Places To Eat In Bangkok and Feel the essence of adult entertainment with a Bangkok Escort.

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