The best physical exercises to prepare for a meeting with a Bangkok escort

For a man, making a good impression in bed is always advisable, especially when realizing the dream of meeting an escort in Bangkok. To make the most of this moment, it is good to prepare for the encounter by improving one's muscular endurance and flexibility through easy workouts that can be done at the gym or at home.

How to train to increase your sexual endurance

Improving your endurance in bed is a feasible operation within everyone's reach. Just a few exercises are enough, without even needing to be fitness fanatics. Here are the most interesting exercises to practice in order to increase your sexual performance and make every escort in Bangkok happy.

Aerobic exercises

According to a study conducted at Harvard, it has been discovered that aerobic exercises have a positive impact on men's sexual health. This study, although not very recent, involved 22,086 men aged between 40 and 75 for a period of 14 years to investigate how exercise influenced their health. The results indicate that those who engaged in aerobic exercises such as running had a 20% lower chance of developing erectile dysfunction compared to those who did not regularly engage in aerobic exercise. Whether it's running, brisk walking, or, for those who prefer a greater commitment, cycling or rowing, this type of physical activity enhances sexual health and reduces the risk of problems as one ages.


Strength training can be very useful in improving sexual endurance by strengthening the muscles. Several scientific studies have shown a positive impact of high strength and increased sexual desire, thanks to the work on the body's muscles. Muscle strengthening exercises stimulate the male body to produce testosterone, the hormone responsible for sexual desire in men. Studies have also shown that people who regularly practice muscle-building exercises have greater satisfaction with their own bodies, so even when they are intimate with an escort in Bangkok, they can enjoy overall greater sexual satisfaction.


Swimming has always been considered a complete sport. In fact, this sport, even when practiced as simple training, improves muscle flexibility, regulates breathing, increases strength, and reduces stress. These are all very important benefits for a better sex life that helps you enjoy every opportunity in the right way. Swimming improves cardiovascular health, which is beneficial for blood flow, playing a fundamental role in the mechanism of arousal. For many people, swimming is also relaxing and helps alleviate the stress of a hectic life or other problems. Stress often leads to less exciting performances and tends to decrease libido. In short, a nice swim before meeting an escort in Bangkok is a great way to arrive at the appointment with a clear mind and a ready body.

Training muscle flexibility to improve your sex life

Improving body flexibility is as important as increasing sexual endurance in bed. By better controlling your body, you can engage in love-making in various positions. This increases the pleasure of spending a night with an escort in Bangkok. There are various methods to train the body to become more flexible and elastic.

Practice yoga to enhance performance in bed

Yoga is one of the best exercises to train flexibility, making sex more enjoyable. However, there are also other benefits for those who practice yoga, such as improved arousal and greater sexual satisfaction for both men and women. Numerous studies confirm the increase in performance in bed following cycles of yoga exercises. To achieve tangible effects, only one hour a day is needed, combined with breathing exercises. Within a few weeks, an increase in pleasure during sex can be noticed. From a sexual standpoint, yoga helps men feel greater desire and increased stamina. Moreover, with yoga, men can combat premature ejaculation by learning how to control the muscles of the pelvic floor. Additionally, there are all the other benefits of yoga that involve mood, awareness, and rebalancing with the surrounding environment.

Kegel Exercises for a Meeting with an Escort in Bangkok

Kegel exercises are the best type of training when it comes to the sexual health of both men and women. These exercises strengthen the pelvic floor, allowing women to have more intense and prolonged orgasms. In men, Kegel exercises help with delayed ejaculation through training the pubococcygeus muscles. There is a simple way to learn these exercises, which involves stopping the flow of urine and then restarting it while urinating. This allows you to control the involved muscles by contracting and relaxing them.

Bangkok escorts and some final thoughts

Training your body for a more intense sex life should always be done regardless of planned romantic encounters. Consistently exercising, even in a light manner without the need to become professional athletes, has a positive impact on sexual performance. A healthy and fulfilling sex life, whether with a regular partner or an escort in Bangkok, has positive effects on everyday life, boosts self-esteem, and creates lasting memories. So, don't start exercising just for your trip to Thailand but also for everyday life, which is often hectic and stressful, no matter where you are in the world. You can read another interesting article about Living in Thailand vs the UK or Money in Thailand.

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